Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hill Town's Celebrates 2Oth Anniversary

अंक ८० ने. सं. ११३३ सिल्लाथ्व तृतिया बुधवाः २०६९ फागुन २ गते बुधवार Feb 13, 2013

Hill Town's Celebrates 2Oth  Anniversary

Sudiksha Shakya
Class 7, Koshi, Hill Town School.

There are many unforgettable moments which are very special. One of my best unforgettable moments was 20th Anniversary of our school, HILL TOWN. In fact it was the best moment of all us. It was held on 31st Jan, 2013, Thursday.

It was the celebration of the success of those completed years. The program was held in the school premises in presence of all the students, teachers and staffs. Firstly, the respected principal Mr. Rajan Tandukar, Vice principal Mr. Sandesh Maharjan, In-charges, school captain, house captains, teachers and students are called upon to have their respective seats. School director Mr. Ramesh Maharjan and chairman of school management committee Mr. Hirakaji Maharjan also attended as guests in the program. They all shared the happiness of the celebration and given best wishes for further progress in future. To make the program more fantastic, different dances, songs and jokes were performed by students. The students of grade LKG, UKG, 1, 2, 6, 7, 8 performed different items in the program.  The school captain, and house captains also presented their views about HILL TOWN and how they feel being a hilltownian.

The biggest surprise for us was the CAKE which was very big. I have never seen such a big cake. It was cut together by some personalities who were our principal, vice principal, school director and chairperson. The cake was distributed to all the students, teachers and staffs.

HILL TOWN was established in 1993 and now it is 2013. It has completed its 20 glorious years successfully. All the students were encouraged and influenced by the teachers by their love and care, behavior and teaching. On behalf of school family, principal sir wished all the student for their bon tter future, and great success in the up coming years.

We would also like to wish for the great success and improvement of our school. Lastly, I would like to say that we are proud to be hilltownian. Thank you.

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